Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the first level of the judicial branch of government. Its jurisdiction and authority are prescribed by Article 4.14 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and Section 30.080 of the Texas Government Code.

Jurisdiction & Charges
The jurisdiction of the Municipal Court includes Class C Misdemeanors occurring within the territorial limits of the City of Llano.
Charges may be filed in the Municipal Court by state peace officers, parks and wildlife officials, county peace officers, and a variety of city employees, including but not limited to police, fire, code enforcement, animal control and citizens. The majority of charges filed in the Llano Municipal Court are filed by the Llano Police Department.

Enforced State Statutes
State statutes enforced in Municipal Court include, but are not limited to, the Texas Transportation Code, the Texas Penal Code, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, the Texas Health and Safety Code, and the Family Code. Municipal Court deals with offenses which are punishable by fine only.

Municipal Judge
The Municipal Judge also serves as a Magistrate of the State of Texas. In this capacity, the Municipal Judge has authority to issue warrants for the apprehension and arrests of persons charged with the commission of an offense. As a magistrate, the Municipal Judge may issue emergency protection orders, issue search warrants, hold preliminary hearings, discharge an accused, or remand the accused to jail and set bail.

Mission Statement
The mission of this court, and its personnel, is to provide effective and impartial administration of justice, as prescribed by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and the Code of Judicial Conduct, with exceptional customer service while building public trust and confidence.