Fine Information

The amount of fine that the court assesses is determined only by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine, even if you are found guilty. However, aggravating circumstances may increase the fine.

If you are convicted of an offense and the Court determines that you are unable to pay the fine and court costs, there are alternatives to the full payment of any fine or costs owed, which may include installment payments and community service.

Maximum Fines

The maximum fines for for most Municipal Court violations are as follows:
  • Traffic violations:  $200, plus costs
  • Penal Code violations:  $500, plus costs
  • Most City Ordinance violations:  $500, plus costs
  • Certain other City Ordinance violations:  $2,000, plus costs

Speeding Fines

The information below provides fine amounts for speeding offenses filed in the Llano Municipal Court. If the violation information you are looking for is not available here, or you wish to have more detailed information about fines and payment options, you may contact the court at 325-247-1928.

Speeding Fine Information
Total Fine
Speeding / Speeding 10% Over the Limit

1 to 9 Miles Over the Posted Speed Limit
10 to 14 Miles Over the Posted Speed Limit $259.00
15 to 19 Miles Over the Posted Speed Limit $284.00
20+ Miles Over the Posted Speed Limit $334.00
Speeding in a School Zone

Other Offenses

If the charge filed against you is for the offense of having an expired driver's license, failing to report address or name change or having an expired vehicle registration, you will be eligible to have the charge dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee, only when you present proof of correction by the appearance date shown on your citation. If you do not know what that date is, please contact the court at 325-247-1928.

If the charged filed against you is for the offense of failure to provide proof of financial responsibility (no liability insurance), the charge will be dismissed after proper presentation of evidence required by the court.  Proper presentation of evidence MUST be provided by fax by your insurance company to 325.247.4196.  A copy of your policy presented to the Court will not be sufficient. 

For fine amounts and information on all other violations, please call 325.247.1928.

Additional Information

The information provided above applies to Llano Municipal Court citations only. If you received a citation from the County or State, you will need to contact the number provided on your citation. It is always advisable to call the court office to verify that the information and fine amount are correct prior to your submission of payment. The information provided above is subject to change.

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