Utility Bill Format Explanation

City of Llano Electric Bill
Format Change

Beginning January 2015, City of Llano electric bills display a line labeled “PCH.”

It is not a new charge.  This amount was previously included in the amount on the “EL” line.  PCH is the portion of the electric bill that pays for the power purchased from the City’s electric wholesaler – LCRA.

The EL line now includes only the part of the bill that pays for getting the electricity that the City buys from LCRA to the customers- including poles, transformers, the city crews, and bucket trucks.

Adding the EL and PCH lines together will give the total bill for electricity and the amount that was previously shown on the EL line.

The additional line was added to give more information about how the bill is calculated.  With the PCH factor, customers will now be able to calculate the bills.

City of Llano’s rate ordinance for residential electric service is as follows:

Customer charge


Distribution charge = 1,000 Kwh


Distribution charge > 1,000 Kwh


Power charge    


“The variable Power charge is the LCRA wholesale power bill to the City of Llano for wholesale power costs and services divided by the month’s actual retail kilowatt hours to be billed and shall be adjusted up or down when needed by administrative action.”

As an example, a residential bill for 1,500 kilowatts with a PCH factor of $.080 would be calculated as follows:

Customer charge

$   6.00 


Distribution charge = 1,000 Kwh  (1,000 X .03)



Distribution charge > 1,000 Kwh  (500 X .045)



Power  charge (1,500 X .080)



Total electric bill



And shown on the utility bill as follows:

EL (6.00+30.00+22.50)




“Knowledge is power.”  The intent of this information is to help City of Llano electric customers better understand electric charges and by doing so, exercised control on the part of the bill customers can directly affect the usage.

Please call 247.4158 X 101 if you have further questions.