Responsibilities of Governmental Bodies

The responsibilities of governmental bodies, pertaining to the Open Records Request, are to:
  • Establish reasonable procedures for inspecting or copying public information and inform requestors of these procedures
  • Treat all requestors uniformly and shall give to the requestor all reasonable comfort and facility, including accommodation in accordance with ADA requirements
  • Be informed about open records laws and educate employees on the requirements of those laws
  • Inform requestors of the estimated charges greater than $40 and any changes in the estimates above 20% of the original estimate, and confirm that the requestor accepts the charges, or has amended the request, in writing before finalizing the request
  • Inform the requestor if the information cannot be provided promptly and set a date and time to provide it within a reasonable time
  • Request a ruling from the Office of the Attorney General regarding any information the governmental body wishes to withhold, and send a copy of the request for ruling, or a redacted copy, to the requestor
  • Segregate public information from information that may be withheld and provide that public information promptly
  • Make a good faith attempt to inform 3rd parties when their proprietary information is being requested from the governmental body
  • Respond in writing to all written communications from the General Services Commission regarding charges for the information
  • Respond to the Office of the Attorney General regarding complaints about violations of the act