Water / Wastewater Department

The City of Llano provides water and wastewater services to the residents of Llano. The City of Llano treats surface water from the beautiful downtown Llano River with a Superior Water Rating from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Composition & Responsibilities

The Water / Wastewater Department consists of 8 employees and operates a 3 MGD surface water plant followed by just over 2 million gallons of storage in 5 tanks at 3 separate locations. We service and maintain approximately 1,850 water connections fed by more than 53 miles of water distribution lines. We service and maintain about 1,600 wastewater customers connected to over 22 miles of gravity flow wastewater collection lines and over 375 manholes. This includes the operation and maintenance of 36 lift stations, followed by a .6 MGD-activated sludge plant. The city has a discharge permit with 210 reuse authorization, which means we beneficially reuse our treated effluent to irrigate 200 acres of hay land.


The City of Llano Water / Wastewater Department's mission is to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services to the community of Llano that exceeds state requirements. We at the Water and Wastewater Department are focused on customer relations, system maintenance and improvements, as well as employee development, so that we can continue to exceed the changing needs and demands of our community.


Check out the staff directory to see who currently fills the roles of the Water / Wastewater Department.