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The Planning & Zoning Commission is charged with the review, investigation and recommendation of land use within the City of Llano. Additionally, the Planning & Zoning Commission shall recommend action and deliberate amendments, text and final copy of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning and Subdivision Regulations to the City Council.

The Board shall recommend boundaries for the original zoning districts and appropriate zoning regulations for each district, in conformance with the land use map for the development of the City, being mindful to lessen congestion in the streets, secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers, promote health and general welfare, provide adequate light and air, prevent overcrowding of the land, avoid undue concentration of population, facilitate economic growth and adequate transportation routes, water, sewerage, drainage, schools, parks and other facilities and to protect historic structures.

Through an extensive series of surveys, hearings and meetings, the Zoning Ordinance, originally enacted in 1949, was updated and revised January 2000, by Ordinance 735.


The Planning & Zoning Commission has regular meetings each month on the third Thursday at 5:30 p. m. at City Hall, unless otherwise determined by the board.

City Hall

301 West Main

Llano, TX 78643




Commission Members:

Chairman:  Diana Firestone                                    Expires: December 2015

Member:  Drucilla Banner                                       Expires: December 2014

Member:  Stacy Mangum                                         Expires: December 2014

Member:  Sam Oatman                                            Expires: December 2015

Member:  Stan Venable                                            Expires: December 2015



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In recommending that a Specific Use Permit for the premises under consideration be granted, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall determine that such uses are harmonious and adaptable to building structures and uses of abutting property and other property in the vicinity of the premises under consideration, and shall make recommendations as to requirements for the paving of streets, alley and sidewalks, means of ingress and egress to public streets, provisions for drainage, adequate off-street parking, protective screening and open space, heights of structures and compatibility of buildings.

The Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council shall consider the following criteria in determining the validity of the SUP request:

1. Is the use harmonious and compatible with surrounding existing uses or proposed uses?

2. Are the activities requested by the applicant normally associated with the requested use?


3. Is the nature of the use reasonable?

4. Has any impact on the surrounding area been mitigated?

No Specific Use Permit shall be granted unless the applicant, owner and grantee of the Specific Use Permit shall be willing to accept and agree to be bound by and comply with the written requirements of the Specific Use Permit.

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