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Council Meeting Procedures

Thank you for attending this public meeting. Listed below are the City Council's procedures you may wish to familiarize yourself with:


Presiding Officer

The Presiding Officer of the Council is responsible for conducting the meeting. When present and participating, the Mayor shall serve as presiding officer. When the Mayor is not present or if the mayor abstains from participation on a matter, the Mayor Pro-Tern shall serve as the presiding officer. If neither the Mayor nor the Mayor Pro-Tern is able to serve, the remaining Council Members may designate a Member of the Council to preside over the meeting.

Publics Participation in City Council Meetings

(1)   In accordance with the terms of the Texas Open Meetings Act all meetings of the City Council shall be open to the public unless the Council is in Executive Session or State law otherwise allows a meeting to be closed.

(2)   At the City Council's discretion, the Council may permit a person to address the Council concerning an item on the agenda or to present a subject for the Council's consideration during the Public Comment period in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.

(3)   Persons wishing to make public comments shall abide by the following rules:

(a)    Prior to the meeting,speakers who wish to address the City Council should complete a City of Llano Citizens Comments Public Participation Form (CLICK HERE) and present it to the City Secretary. Speakers shall indicate whether they wish to comment on a specific agenda item or on a separate matter during the Public Comment period.

(b)   At the beginning of each Agenda item posted, the Presiding Officer conducting the meeting will read the agenda item. A Council member or Staff will give a presentation on the agenda item.

(c)    When recognized by the Presiding Officer, the speaker should approach the podium, state his/her name and address for the record, and, if speaking on behalf of an organization or other group, identify the group represented.

(d)   Only one person may address the Council at any one time.

(e)    Speakers should address all remarks to the City Council as a whole, not to individual members or to the audience.

(f)    Speakers should limit their presentations to no more than three (3) minutes each. There shall be no substitutions or pooling of speakers.

(g)   The Presiding Officer may encourage speakers to not merely repeat views expressed by others.

(h)   Speakers must limit presentations to matters within the City's subject matter jurisdiction.

(i)     Once all comments have been heard, Council will begin their discussion on the item.

(4)   At any point during the meeting, the City Council may opt to limit the number of speakers on a particular topic or topics not yet reached. All persons who complete a Citizen Public Participation Form, whether or not allowed to speak, may submit written comments or exhibits to the City Secretary for inclusion in the Record File Copy of the agenda.

(5)   In compliance with the Open Meetings Act, the Council shall not deliberate or vote on a matter not appearing on the agenda (non-agenda items), except for purposes of presenting statements of current fact or policy or for determining whether the matter should appear on a future agenda.

(6)   Engaging in verbal comments intended to insult or slander anyone may be cause for termination of speaking privileges and/or removal from Council Chambers.

(7)   Please silence your cell phones. Location of Recording Equipment.

(a)   At each City Council meeting, the Presiding Officer will designate an area within the Council Room for the operation of tape recorders, video cameras, and other means of aural or visual reproduction. Operation of such equipment is limited to the designated recording area.

(b)   No person shall operate a tape recorder, video camera, or other means of aural or visual reproduction within the Council Room within thirty minutes before or after a City Council meeting unless the person being recorded grants his or her consent.

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