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Posted on: November 21, 2017


Notes from the City

By:  Scott Edmonson


I just wanted to update folks on the dredging project that is taking place on the river.  Collier Materials who is doing this work, is in the process of obtaining a dredging boat that will allow them to do a better job of removing material out of the Town Lake and will not require us to lower the lake.  They will be doing what they can with the machinery they have until the boat is obtained.

We are planning to drain Robinson Lake sometime the week of November 27, 2017 to begin the process of removing the mussels that have been identified to be present in the lake.  Once this process is complete, then Colliers will enter and start sediment removal.  We are working on a plan to keep water for the golf course.

It is anticipated for the lake to be down for a few months, but fill up will begin in March in time for Crawfish.  City staff will also be monitoring flow rates that may trigger earlier filling.


I know that some of you may be wondering about the status of the street work that was approved when the voters of Llano passed the bond back in May.  The first thing that we had to do was the preliminary work for selling the bonds.  This procedure took a couple of months before the bonds were put up for sale and for the sale to take place.

For the last couple of months, City staff has been working with our engineers on design standards and putting together bid packages that will be made available to potential bidders.  We are currently looking at three bid packages as follows:  Bid Package 1:  Hot-Mix and Patching;  Bid Package 2:  Chip Seal;  and Bid Package 3:  Rework Base and Chip Seal.

We anticipate advertising for Bid Packages 1&2 around mid to late December and awarding a contract around the first of February.  We anticipate advertising for bid package 3 in late January/early February and award contract early to middle of March.

In an effort to get the best possible bid for the street work, it was elected to offer the 3 bid packages.  This will hopefully draw the interest of more bidders.

Weather permitting, it is anticipated to start seeing street work take place sometime this spring.  Once contractors are selected, then conversations will take place as to where work will take place first.  We do have some water and wastewater line work that will need to be completed before any street work will take place in these areas.

 Another question you might have is how long will it take?  This will depend greatly on Mother Nature

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