Payment Options

Paying in Full

When paying in full, you do not have to appear before the judge unless you are:
  • A juvenile - age 16 or younger
  • A minor with a tobacco violation - age 20 or younger
  • A minor with an alcohol violation - age 20 or younger
  • Anyone speeding 20 miles per hour or more over posted limit

Paying Online

Click HERE to EPay

Window Payments

Payment in person can be made at the Llano Municipal Court located inside City Hall. A photo ID will be required. The Municipal Court window is located on the 1st floor of City Hall to the left of the utility counter.

Window payments can be made during normal court hours. In the absence of the court clerk, please proceed to the 2nd floor and the City Secretary will assist you with receipting your payment.

Accepted Forms of Payment

We do not accept personal checks. Acceptable forms of payment are:
  • Cash (in person)
  • Cashier's Checks / Money Orders
  • MasterCard and VISA (no AMX or Discover)
For your added convenience, you may pay by credit / debit card over the phone. Just call 325-247-1928, during regular business hours, and provide your card information to the clerk.  There will be a 2% processing fee for each credit / debit card transaction.

Mailed Payments

If you wish to pay by mail, you must send the correct amount for each violation in the form of a cashier's check or money order along with a copy of your citation. NEVER mail cash. Payments should be made to the Llano Municipal Court.  Please call 325-247-1928 if you need assistance with this.

Overnight Drop Box

Payments after hours and on weekends can be made via our payment drop box. The payment drop box is located to the right of the Utility Office door in the front of City Hall.

Alternatives to Full Payment

If you are convicted of an offense and the Court determines that you are unable to pay the fine and court costs, there are alternatives to full payment of any fine or costs owed, which may include installment payments and community service.