Economic Development

The City of Llano is a community that integrates its heritage with growth and change. The town fosters both economic and community vitality. Faithful to its heritage, what residents, visitors and tourists alike enjoy in our town is a true, western, down-home experience.

Llano is self-supporting to the largest extent possible. There is enough opportunity for residents of the city to find work or create businesses with a minimum amount of commuting. The city has a vital town center. The town center is the focus of daily commerce and social life.
West Main Street of Llano
Llano is safe and secure for all its residents, visitors, tourists, and businesses. The residents of Llano have a strong sense of community. The people in the town share many values and work together to accomplish common purposes. Llano is brimming with small town hospitality. The residents of Llano are friendly and look out for each other, and welcome our visitors and tourists.

After receiving higher education, and possibly with experience, the children of Llano often return to create their lives, raise their own children, and add to the continued development of our community.

The mission of the Llano Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is to invest the city's designated economic development sales tax receipts into economic development projects, as prescribed by Texas law, for the benefit of the citizens of Llano.

Short term goals for fiscal year 2013 / 2014:
  • Completion of Phase II - show barn at the Llano Events Center
  • Completion of strategic plan
  • Continue financial support for business retention, expansion, and development
  • Continue financial support of Main Street Façade and Restoration Grant Program
  • Continue financial support for capital improvements on LanTex Theater
  • Continue financial support for special event / project funding
  • Continue financial support to assist beautification projects
Long term goals for fiscal year 2013 / 2014:
  • Economic plan for business retention, expansion, and development
  • Support for hangar and hangar home development
  • Support for main street incubator and development
  • Investigate possibilities for community college or remote campus
In order to accomplish the goals and make its vision a reality the LEDC will:
  • Encourage business development, tourism, and travel to Llano
  • Encourage and fund local projects of organizations that support the overall mission, goals, and strategies of the LEDC
  • Develop an economic plan for business retention, expansion, and development